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    By Dr. Jay Hobgood, Ohio State University

    The average temperature for July will be above normal.  Precipitation will be near normal for the month. 

    The weather pattern in July will feature the typical hot humid weather associated with the middle of summer.  A large high pressure system centered over the Atlantic Ocean will circulate warm humid air over Ohio during much of the month.  Cold fronts will move south from Canada occasionally and they will provide brief breaks from the heat and humidity.  Since the wind will blow predominantly from the south, the average temperature will end up being above average for July.  Summertime thunderstorms and the occasional cold fronts will combine to produce near average rainfall in many parts of the state.

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    Pre-meeting Activities: Howlett Hall, OSU -10:00AM
    Diagnostic Plant Walk and Tour of Chadwick Arboretum by Jim Chatfield-

    Meeting Sponsor: ArborJet

    Members Present: Fred Blyth, Ellen Gallucci Purcell, Steven Purcell, Dr. Steve and Carolyn Still, Andrew Muntz, Daniel Huggett, Joe Boff, Gail Reinhart, Molly John Wendy Bowman, Peter Arborist - OSU, OSU Horticulture Students: Brandon, Stella, Anna, Amanda, Sean, Mary Ann Shrum,

    Member Meeting:

    June 13, 2017 Chadwick Arboretum, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

    Welcome & Introduction of Members and Guests: Following the Tour and Lunch Meeting was called to order by CLA president Daniel Huggett at 12:20 PM
    Special Thank you to meeting sponsor ArborJet.

    Committee Reports:
    Secretary- Approval of Minutes –
    from last meeting Moved by Ellen Second by Andrew to accept minutes. Minutes accepted by voice vote. Minutes are posted on website.

    Treasurer – Ellen, no change to balance.
    Garden Show- Daniel reported that Garden Show committee met and there is a signed contract and the

    2018 Garden show is a go.

    Garden Tour-Molly reported that the outdoor living garden tour will be Saturday, August 19, 2017. A committee meeting will be held in the next few weeks. And more details to come.

    Programming-Andrew thanked Jim Chatfield, Hort. staff and students for the days meeting. He also
    reported the results of meeting with Franklin Park Conservatory regarding the 2 acre Children’s Garden project and the next meeting will be at Franklin Park.

    Membership-The Horticulture Students were encouraged to become members. Membership is free of charge. Mary Ann Shrum will contact Kelly with information.

    Scholarship- No Report
    ADHOC-Non at this time
    Unfinished Business - No Report at this time

    New Business- Mary Ann Shrum was introduced as the CLA Meeting and Event Assistant. Duties will include taking meeting minutes and assisting to the meeting and event operations for the organization.

    Scheduling of Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 11th 2017, 5:00 pm in the Conservatory. Adjourn: Motion by Ellen to adjourn 2nd by Molly. Meeting was adjourned at 12:40pm.

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    Visit CLA partner Green Velvet Sod Farms on the third Thursday of each month! Take a quick breather and enjoy some food at their Columbus location from 11 am - 2 pm.

    Click here for more information

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    Wolf Creek Company is excited to announce our 2017 WCC University.
    Wolf Creek has long been known as the top provider of ongoing Green Industry Training.  Help stay on the top of the industry by joining us for one, several, or all of our classes.  You can see all the class information below with clickable links that will take you right to the class signup page.  The classes this year will be held at our Training Center that will allow us to handle large class sizes in a comfortable environment.
    We have added 3 new classes for 2017!

    • Landscape Irrigation Design
    • SMART Irrigation Revolution
    • Irrigation Pump Basics.

    Click the link below to sign up for the class:  (or call our office at 800-488-7305)
    Outdoor Lighting Installation
    January 31st

    Outdoor Lighting Design
    February 1st

    Landscape Irrigation Design
    February 2nd

    Landscape Irrigation Installation
    February 8th

    SMART Irrigation Revolution
    February 9th 

    Landscape Drainage Fundamentals
    February 17th

    Irrigation Pump Basics
    February 21st

    Irrigation Electric Service
    February 22nd

    • All Classes are 9am to 2pm
    • All Classes include Lunch!


    Wolf Creek Company
    Columbus Warehouse
    6700B Huntley Rd
    Worthington, OH 43229

    • Fee:  $30 per person
    • Due to classes being held in winter, all instruction will be inside.

    Extended info:

    Outdoor Lighting Installation
    January 31st

    Hands-on instruction for the basic skills necessary to install a low voltage landscape lighting system.  Class is designed for those who will install, troubleshoot and repair systems in the field.

    • Transformer mounting and wiring
    • Accessory wiring
    • Wire installation
    • Field wire connections
    • Fixture mountings
    • Lamp installation/replacement
    • Fixture options
    • Voltage measurements
    • Troubleshooting skills

    Outdoor Lighting Design
    February 1st

    We’ll cover the confusing technical & mechanical aspects so you will be able to install a sound system.  We cover the artistic concepts so you lighting systems will be seen as professional.

    • The purposes lighting can fulfill
    • The art and techniques to achieve a professional system
    • Understanding how to apply the mechanics for a workable system
    • Basic installation techniques

    Landscape Irrigation Design
    February 2nd

    Classroom instruction with plenty of exercises to drive home the basic design skills for landscape irrigation systems.

    • Design basics start to finish
    • Water Requirements
    • Determining Available Water
    • Proper Backflow Selection
    • Sprinkler Layout
    • Zoning
    • Piping

    Landscape Irrigation Installation
    February 8th

    Hands-on instruction for the basic skills necessary to install a landscape irrigation system.  Class is designed for those who will install systems.  We do not cover any design in this class.

    • Solvent welding PVC pipe
    • Threaded pipe connections
    • Insert poly fittings
    • Press-over poly fittings
    • Swing pipe/sprinkler connections
    SMART Irrigation Revolution
    February 9th

    An exploration into the myriad of irrigation control systems.  Including the latest on internet (wifi) enabled systems.  Discussion about installation requirements and set-up.  Good to understand options available and future systems.  FREE

    Landscape Drainage Fundamentals
    February 17th

    Learn to use the latest techniques and products in drainage to your advantage in this design and basic installation workshop.  Whether you’re new to drainage or have been offering for years, discover how you can make drainage a profitable part of your company’s services.

    You will learn how to solve problem drainage areas using:

    • Catch Basins and Grates
    • Gravel Free French Drains
    • Manufactured Dry Wells
    • Trench Drain Systems

    Irrigation Pump Basics                          
    February 21st

    Wolf Creek has invited Ben & Adam Painter from Flint & Walling to talk about properly sizing and irrigation pump and proper installation.  This will be hands, attendees will be taking pumps apart and repairing them.  FREE

    • Types of Pumps
    • Choosing the correct pump
    • Reading Pump Curves
    • Exploration of Variable Frequency Drive
    • Introduction to Larger pump stations for Commercial/Golf size projects.

    Irrigation Electric Service                       
    February 22nd

    A nut and bolts class for people servicing landscape irrigation systems.  We Focus on the diagnostics and repair of the electrical components (controller, wiring and solenoids).  This class covers the stuff it  takes people years to learn via trial and error!  Use of a volt/ohm meter is taught and practiced several times in this class.

    • Valve mechanical diagnostics
    • Use of Multi-meter
    • Electrical system diagnostics
    • Decoder system diagnostics
    • Pump start relay
    • Wire diagnostics
    • Controller diagnostics
    • Grounding Systems

    We hope you’ll join us!

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    Have news to share? Let us know by emailing us at

    Tell us about recent awards, new employees, new products and more. Want to post job openings? Let us help spread the word about you, our CLA members.

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